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Having a Jura malfunction?  Bring it to us right here in Los Angeles for service!   We stock 95% of the parts that are most often needed!  Not good enough?  Ok, we'll fix it while you wait!   Cowabunga!
****ALERT 12-22 JURA is now charging HUGE $$$ to fix your older Jura machine!   FYI We generally fix most issues for C-E-F-J ENA Z and S models for WAY LESS THEN WHAT JURA CHARGES!   WOW!
We specialize in JURA service & repair 
for your company's break-room.
We service the Giga / all models

FOLKS, we’ve dropped our prices AGAIN for our JURA bargain-busting FULL MONTY maintenance trio:  We replace the brewer, check for leaks, and adjust the grinder!  This MUST be done every year sometimes sooner.  Bring it in, ship it in, JUST DO IT!  

***We see JURAS that have made 20, 30, 40,000 cups!  Think how much $$$$ you're saving!! 

to app-driven pick-up-only kiosks in urban areas and drive-throughs in suburban areas.  ???? WHY BOTHER?  Buy a Jura instead and make infinitely better coffee while saving a small fortune.

REPAIR YOUR JURA WITHIN 2 DAYS AND USUALLY, SOONER THAN THAT!        Dolce Vita repairs most Jura problems such as "Error 8" message which indicates replacement of your brewer mechanism is LONG overdue!   Grinder mill replacement and grinder tuning, is another routine maintenance item we do frequently.  Error 2-3-4 indicates a boiler sensor failure, another common issue.  Leaks can happen & are usually easily fixed.  Please use filtered water, be careful with oily beans, and bring it to us for routine maintenance.  We have special while you wait service for those coming a long way, just ASK us!   **No cleaning supplies sold here, sorry!

THE FULL MONTY: We replace the brewer, check for leaks, and adjust the grinder!  Special price for all 3!  Usually done while you wait! We do NOT change filters.

OMIGOD:  We are hearing more and more sad stories of JURAS being abandoned, stowed away, given away, or tossed because nobody wants to fix them or box them up and send them to JURA!  That's why we're here folks!  Just CALL US!

SHIPPING: We welcome your shipped-in Jura from the Western USA.  If you are East Coast located  we strongly recommend you to ship to the JURA service center in Manheim, PA as Jura machines are too easily damaged in shipping over long distances, no matter how well packed.   Shipped in machines always have FAST turnaround.         **Do NOT Ship your JURA to us without our authorization & Tracking # 


***ALERT:  Jura has increased repair prices for machines out of warranty!   We are continuing to track this new development and will update you as needed.  As always, we charge extremely reasonable prices for Jura machines we are able to repair and will continue to do so.    

BULLETIN:  We are seeing a lot of older JURAS where the brewer has NEVER been replaced!  Folks you do NOT want your JURA to go for TEN YEARS without a brewer replacement!  THIS IS AN ACUTE SAFETY/HEALTH HAZARD.  We replace brewers as part of our standard maintenance package.      

BULLETIN #2: Clogged Spouts/ internal screen:  Another very common issue. clogged spouts are an annoying and INHERENT issue with ALL superautomatic espresso machines.  You can either bring it to us for around $60 and we'll TRY to clear/ clean your spouts; if that doesn't work, we may need to replace them.    Another problem is corroded or cracked spouts in older S9 machines, we can replace these.

Brewer Screen Blockage:  Deep inside the Jura brewer is a small round perforated SS screen about 1.5" in diameter which sits below the upper piston.   This is what keeps the tamped coffee in place during the brewing process.   This screen will become blocked over time during brewing, creating reduced coffee flow  which YOU can fix by manually cleaning with a small abrasive sponge.  

BULLETIN #3:  Jura's filters, cleaning and descaling tablets are expensive and of debatable necessity.   If you use bottled or RO water, you can turn filtration off and you can usually disable the DESCALING program by getting into programming, and setting hardness to INACTIVE; on newer Juras, you cannot completely deactivate descaling in this manner - they will still do SOME infrequent degree of descaling.   You WILL need to do the periodic CLEANING programs which cannot be deactivated.  

BULLETIN #4:  YOU have worked on your JURA machine already / some disassembly / maybe a LOT of disassembly has been done / and you want to bring it to us to make it whole.   (We get a LOT of these calls!)   Alrighty now: we will need to know exactly what you've done to attempt repairs on your JURA;  There WILL be a significant fee to correct the damage you inflicted on your Jura trying to fix it:  This ALWAYS HAPPENS!   Best to bring us an INTACT machine!   

BULLETIN #5:   Jura 240V European models - YES, we occasionally work on these for the usual maintenance items = (Jura USA will not)  However, if we cannot repair the issue - it must be serviced in Europe!! - that's a nasty speedbump.  Bring your step-up please! 
HERETICAL THOUGHT HERE: Jura machines in GERMANY cost half $$$ as much as USD and used ones sell for peanuts!  You can use them here with a Step-Up transformer or a 240V outlet.

BULLETIN #6:   Vintage models: Folks, we’re starting to see a LOT of older JURAS getting up there: 12-15 year old E8, Z, J and S models are coming in - SOME EVEN OLDER - which need more repairs, usually due to leaks.  Our rule is we fix whatever we can that comes in – but if your creaky older JURA needs repairs only JURA can do (like replace the grinder, control board, display or the electronic valves), we will advise you on what's best to do.   The good news is you can always sell a non-working JURA on EBAY, somebody out there wants it! 

BULLETIN #7:  OUR BOXING / PACKING SERVICE!    If your JURA requires repairs that only JURA is able to do, we will happily box up/pack your Jura model for the long trip to Manheim, PA for service.  Plus, we'll drop it off at UPS also!  How much for this?  Usually $80 (unless you have one of the big boys: GIGA X7, X9, XS90 or Z6 - $100) . 

**Coming a long distance?  We can usually repair it while you wait! 


JURA espresso machines, Swiss made will WAY outlast and outperform any GAGGIA, BREVILLE or SAECO machine out there!  We routinely service JURA machines over 10 years old (the record is 22 for an S90) and send them on their way working just GREAT in a day or two   How can we do this?  The Jura is a modular machine with easily removed components & made to be serviced.  The brewer mechanism common to all Juras is a marvel of engineering; their quality thermocoil boilers, brewer-motors and grinders are incomparable.  People travel with them, put one in every room of the house & tuck them in at night!  Holy cannoli Batman!  People are just LOVING their Juras!

 Any questions?   GO BUY ONE!  


If your Jura is groaning  / creaking as it tamps coffee you need to bring it to us right away or serious damage could occur.  The Jura brewer mechanism is not designed to be easily removed for service by the user. We replace your malfunctioning brewer with one of our like-new rebuilt units with all new gaskets.  We will thoroughly clean and calibrate your JURA machine so it will BE LIKE NEW!

If your Jura not grinding enough coffee, or you are getting an "add beans" message,  but the hopper is full, it may be time for your grinder burrs to be replaced OR you accidentally spilled water in the grinder / used too much sticky beans, clogging it.  



Please don't try to disassemble your Jura machine, brewer mechanism or grinder!  Let US do that!

Have a 240V JURA?  Bring it with your step-up transformer, please!!

-We can always use your dead and gone Jura machine for parts!  So please DONATE them to us!

Other problems we fix include blockages, clogged grinder / worn out grinder burrs, boilers, leaks, and failed sensors [ERROR #4]. 


#2 Z-5: BREW / STEAM THERMOCOIL BOILERS.  Note SENSOR on lower right steam boiler under bolt, and thermal fuses on both boilers.


NEVER use anything other than bottled, softened or reverse osmosis water for a Jura machine.  Please run all scheduled cleaning and descaling operations which are configurable.