SPECIAL DISCUSSION HERE.  These heavy chrome mostly MANUAL BE61 machines weigh up to 75 lbs are usually dual boiler but there are many variations.  Many of these look like small piston-lever machines but they are NOT.   All that lever (off to the side) does is activate a switch which turns on the pump; a series of moving cams and shafts internally then allows coffee to flow through the GH.   These machines can be quite elaborate such as the Rocket R60V with remotely /programmable PID - and are becoming VERY popular purchases for profilers and home baristas.  They can also be problematic to service with many jammed-in components, voluminous spaghetti wiring and proprietary parts that must be ordered in advance.   We service a LOT of these machines!   WARNING: Do NOT put any wet cups on top of your Profitec, ECM, Rocket etc: The slightest amount of water dripped can fry the fully exposed electronics underneath especially the Gicar PID control module.  We are seeing this serious issue, more and more. 

(There are important differences between above BE-61 home machines and E-61 such as the marzocco GS/3, which have groupheads with NO external cam-operated lever and NO lower infusion chamber.  Those looking to buy better quality traditional home espresso machines are strongly advised to research the difference. )

DOLCE VITA ESPRESSO will install and service your better quality home espresso machine.  We do home service / pick-up and deliver of your Profitec-Bezzera-Quickmill Rocket-ECM-Izzo-Livia and similar.  We install your plumbed-in espresso machine with multi-stage home reverse osmosis / canister water softener / so your expensive equipment will NEVER have a blockage issue.  Along with RO, we always install home spigots so you can ENJOY the incredible pure water that RO creates.  Your faucet brita filter and similar does NOT put out suitable water for home coffee making.  NEVER use hard L.A. water for anything but cleaning off your driveway!   

Rocket-ECM-Izzo-LiviaJURA automatic coffee machine and does our FULL MONTY maintenance as required which is generally brewer replacement and troubleshooting.  (We are not a coffee service, nor do we do any daily/weekly periodic maintenance involving replacement of filters, cleaning or descaling powders, or milk system cleaners - nor do we SUPPLY any of these.)    

Always use filtered water with any home espresso machine.